Are your products vegan?

Yes they are*! All our ingredients are vegan friendly and cruelty free. We test our soaps on willing humans before they go near any hounds (*Our whippet Lupo may have had one or two more baths than usual to try out our soaps!)


Do your products contain palm oil?

Whilst we recognise that there are earth friendly and sustainable palm oil suppliers out there, we made the conscious decision not to use palm oil in our soaps. Why? It just isn't necessary! Soap can be made without palm oil but unfortunately you will find it in most mainstream cosmetics (because it is cheaper than other alternatives). We love all animals here at Bare Bubbles, so we opted to leave the palm trees to the Orangutans. You can find a list of all our ingredients in the product pages.


Solid Dog Shampoo Bars

Why should I use dog shampoo bars? Why not?! Here are a few examples of why our customers use our soap bars:
  • To reduce single use plastics and reduce waste
  • To use only natural products to compliment a raw diet and healthy lifestyle
  • To combat sensitive and problem skin issues
  • To stop using products containing palm oil
  • Because doggy bath time is hard enough without juggling shampoo and conditioner bottles!

    How do you use soap for dogs?

    Just like your normal dog shampoo! Moisten your dog in the bath and rub all over (super easy for underneath and on bony elbows!) to form a lather. Massage and rinse. Or you can rub onto a cloth or flannel for spot cleaning. Easy!


    Does the soap get foamy?

    Yes! Our soaps have been formulated to ensure a nice lather to make doggy bath time a luxurious but easy task.


    Does the soap get hairy?

    It can do, but what isn't hairy in a doggy home?! Give your soap a quick rinse afterward to remove hairs if desired.


    How long does a bar of soap last?

    For a medium sized dog with short hair the soap should last 5-6 washes. Obviously longer hair and bigger dogs won't last as long.


    I don't wash my dog very regularly, do I need soap?

    Lucky you! We believe it's always good to have some soap in the cupboard for those times when you need it! After an unexpected muddy walk, for washing feet in the winter, or the dreaded fox poo roll!