Hello, and welcome to Bare Bubbles!

We are a new handmade business, run from our family home in Hertfordshire UK, born from our desire to reduce our single use plastic consumption and our love of all natural honest products.

One thing we struggled to find on our plastic free & wholesome journey were products for our lovely whippet girl Lupo. Lots of bathing products come in plastic and almost always contain unwanted chemicals. So we started making our own soap and eventually branched into soap for Lupo... and guess what... we were amazed how great soap for dogs is! So easy to use, a nice lovely lather, gorgeous smelling and no plastic in sight! So we were hooked! And we want you to be too!

We've been working hard to get a great range of dog soaps for you all to try and hopefully you'll be converted like us! We also make soaps for dog owners too but these take a little longer to perfect so watch this space!

Thanks for taking the time to check us out, we really hope you enjoy!

Lauren, Paul & Lupo the whippet, x