Dog Shampoo Bar: Value Box
Dog Shampoo Bar: Value Box
Dog Shampoo Bar: Value Box
Dog Shampoo Bar: Value Box
Dog Shampoo Bar: Value Box
Dog Shampoo Bar: Value Box

Dog Shampoo Bar: Value Box

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A mixed selection box of "second grade" bars from our dog shampoo range, weighing a minimum of 500g, which is equivalent to over 6 standard bars, at a fraction of the price!

Our seconds have the same ingredients and formula as our standard bars but are slightly imperfect in appearance (they still work perfectly fine). This means that the bars might be under or over sized, or have minor dents or nicks - but they have the same amazing properties and benefits for your pooch! They are sometimes slightly older stock so may be harder than our standard bars (but this means they'll last longer!) and they may have a milder scent.

By buying imperfect stock you are helping us reduce our waste and stay pooch and planet friendly!

You will receive a box of unlabelled bars of soap from one or more of the following scents:

  • Bare Naked - no essential oils
  • Flea and Insect Repelling - citronella and cedarwood essential oils with neem
  • Freshening - peppermint essential oil
  • Calming - lavender essential oil
  • Healing - lemon, rosemary and thyme essential oils
  • Limited edition Festive Bar - frankincense essential oil with spirulina 

As these bars are supplied unlabelled, do not use on dogs with specific bathing needs - please instead order the specific bar needed for your dog.

All our bars are packaged and delivered plastic free - reduce your single use plastic by switching to our dog shampoo bars!

You won't find any chemicals in our bars so you can wash your pup without worry. No sulfates or parabens, no artificial scents or lab made additives, just good old fashioned and honest soap!

Rub all over your pre-moistened pooch to form a rich lather. Massage into coat and skin. Avoid sensitive areas. Rinse, dry and admire the floofiness!

Base Ingredients:
Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E

Note that, depending on the bar supplied, additional ingredients may be present, including essential oils.