Dog Shampoo Bar: Calming
Dog Shampoo Bar: Calming
Dog Shampoo Bar: Calming
Dog Shampoo Bar: Calming

Dog Shampoo Bar: Calming

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Bare Bubbles Calming shampoo bar for dogs contains cleansing and moisturising ingredients to clean and condition your dog's coat, with added Lavender essential oil:

  • Calming effect on people and dogs, perfect for anxious pups who hate bath time!
  • Soothing effect on skin, helps itchiness
  • Anti-septic, helps minor wounds

All our bars are packaged and delivered plastic free - reduce your single use plastic by switching to our dog shampoo bars!

You won't find any chemicals in our bars so you can wash your pup without worry. No sulfates or parabens, no artificial scents or lab made additives, just good old fashioned and honest soap!

Available as a single bar or in a small batch of 12 bars, perfect for groomers, dog walkers and multi-dog homes!

Rub all over your pre-moistened pooch to form a rich lather. Massage into coat and skin. Avoid sensitive areas. Rinse, dry and admire the floofiness!

Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Lavender Essential Oil

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