Know Your Ingredients

If someone asked you to tell them what ingredients were in your dog's grooming products, could you tell them without looking at the packaging? What about after looking, could you identify what each of the ingredients actually are and why they're used?

Every ingredient in our soaps are 100% natural and have a purpose. We don't add anything for aesthetics... your dog probably doesn't mind that there isn't any glitter or rainbow patterns! Plus, everything we use is completely safe for your dog.

Toxic Ingredients

It's a well known fact that some human foods are toxic to our beloved pets, such as chocolate, so we would never let them eat anything that can hurt them. The same rules should apply to grooming products, after all dogs do like to lick themselves! I am often horrified when reading the labels for grooming products (yep, even the popular ones). Some ingredients, particularly essential oils (such as tea tree) can be toxic to dogs! Whilst a small amount is unlikely to cause serious damage, these ingredients just aren't necessary - there are plenty of dog safe alternatives.

Our Core Ingredients

Each base recipe has been formulated especially for dogs. We've worked hard to perfect our formula over many years! Here is a look at our base ingredients and why we use them - and they're all safe for dogs!

Coconut Oil

In soap making coconut oil is a great cleanser and is very conditioning for skin and fur. It's also creates lots of bubbles which we love! When used topically on a dog's skin it has natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties in addition to it's moisturising properties, which make it perfect for those sore paws.

Olive Oil

Conditioning and produces a hard and long lasting bar of soap. We use this to make sure our soaps last as long as possible.

Shea Butter

So luxurious and conditioning, added for maximum pooch pampering and extra floof.

Castor Oil

Creates a rich and creamy lather in soap making so we use it in our soaps to add a bit of luxury to bath time!

Sweet Almond Oil

Our sweet almond oil is infused with vitamin E, used to provide added nutrients and with an extra benefit of keeping your soap fresher for longer.

Our Scented Range Ingredients

We thought long and hard about the different grooming requirements our precious pooches have, ranging from the nervous bather to the full on enthusiastic poo roller! Here's a look at the ingredients used and their uses.

Flea Repelling

  • Neem oil: anti-septic, anti-fungal and repels fleas, very conditioning for a shiny coat
  • Citronella essential oil: repels fleas and insects
  • Cedarwood essential oil: repels fleas and insects


  • Lemon essential oil: natural anti-septic
  • Rosemary essential oil: natural anti-microbial, soothing on sore skin
  • Thyme essential oil: natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral


  • Lavender essential oil: has a calming effect on people and dogs, also has a soothing effect on skin and is a natural anti-septic so can help mild wounds and relieve itchiness


  • Peppermint essential oil: natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and repels fleas


Now take a look at the ingredients on your own bathing or cosmetic products and ask yourself "do I know what that is?" and "why is that needed?"... let us know what you find!


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